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2022 We are raising financially smart kids! Try Greenlight

Great way to get your kids on track to being financially smart! I have been using Greenlight for a while now for my daughter Aubree.

When you sign up your kids get their own personalize card and you manage it through an app.

You’ll basically connect your bank account to this card and add money to your parent wallet. This way when your kids do their weekly chores or an extra task you can pay them through the app. From there they can use the money on the card, save the money or now with the new feature learn to invest their money.

(I bribe my kids sometimes when I’m tired, like can you make me a cup of coffee I’ll pay and shame doesn’t live here.

With Greenlight you can see what they spend their money on or set limits If needed.

I personally LOVEEEEE that you can even set up investing on this app. Not only will your kid learn about investing, they are able to invest into companies stocks and grow their money if they choose!

I recommend you give Greenlight a try! It’s so funny watching my daughter second think a purchase because she has to use “her money” lol is it worth it? Maybe not... then she’ll put it back.😂🙌🏾

There’s a $4.99 monthly fee for the account but that’s for all the children on the parent account Not for each individual child. Similar to a bank maintenance fee so I have no problem with it.

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