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Affordable Fashion Finds Friday 2/2/2024

Updated: Feb 3

Here's the fashion deals happening. You may have seen them featured in a video or content created on one of mommalikes2save social media accounts. All the links are below they'll l take you directly to each retailer that's running the sales, be sure to go back in on whatever post you saw to let us know if you scored!

Prices are accurate at the time of posting, if they have changed that means the deal may have ended. Links are affiliated. Thank you for using them.

If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to reach out on socials so I can update this.

  • Still have to find link to the Shirt that I'm wearing in the AFFF video BUT Here's ones that looks very similar click here

  • Valentino peacock green belt $51 reg $300 click here

  • Giorgio Armani perfume & cologne spend $90 get a Full size fragrance free! click here

  • Curly hair V part Wig- that I'm wearing in the video length 18" I suggest brushing it completely out when you get it and wet it and use leave in conditioner to make the curls look natural and not "wiggy" click here

Deals you may have overlooked

  • NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! Get FIT this year with our lowest price ever! Healthy U Tv, Just $0.65! One time click here

  • Get 3 months of in-car satellite radio for FREE. No credit card required. Click here.

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