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Black History Prominent Black people who changed history. The way makers, risk takers &change makers

As I was learning together with my children I decided to create this for you all as well. This will serve as a place to explore prominent black men and women who changed the way of the world. As we jump into Day one, the person made it known Black history should be learned all year as it is American History but we will heighten the study of it this month of February with honoring these tremendous people. Share & Save this link Check back Daily for updates.

Day one

Carter G Woodson- pioneered Negro History Week! His efforts and call for the deepen study of African American history was met with great response and caught on quickly! All across the country people shared and study the history before them and it became an annual celebration! This was not him trying to just create a new tradition but to encourage the study of black people who were actually changing history to increase chances of success and to have " negro history year" because black history was also history! This annual celebration and study of black history was the ripple effect that created New Change makers like (excerpt from Zennedproject )

The story of Claudette Colvin is one of many examples of the impact of Negro History Week (Black History Month). She refused to move on a Montgomery bus on March 2, 1955, inspired by the lessons in February at her school.
I could not move, because history had me glued to the seat... It felt like Sojourner Truth's hands were pushing me down on one shoulder and Harriet Tubman's hands were pushing me down on another shoulder, and I could not move.

I encouraged you to Read the incredible article where I found this information that prompted my share m. It was prepared on Carter G Woodson by Darryl Michael Scott housed on Zennproject here it's a amazing insight on him and it's deepens the study as he would have wanted, which is the whole point of the month!

See you back here Tomorrow for Day 2

-Tiffany Timmons

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