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Halle Bailey The new Little Mermaid merch, little mermaid dolls, and movie tickets!

I'm beyond ecstatic for the Little Mermaid live action film because Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney film. Below you'll find links to different products & merch of the little mermaid.

Links are affiliated which means I earned small commission when you use them, so thank you.

  • Buy tickets to see little mermaid in theaters now click here


  • Little mermaid world of reading book $5.99 click here


  • New Disney little mermaid 5pc twin bedding set $63 click here

Dolls/ toys

  • Ariel & all her sisters small dolls $33 click here


  • Mermaid tail and swim suit sizes 4T upto 12/13 click here

  • Unisex Mermaid Tshirt (find your voice ) $22 click here

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