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Kids Puffer Jackets/Coats $15.99

If you are on the East Coast like I am, then you can agree that winter is finally making its appearance. It's below freezing right now where I am, about 27 degrees Fahrenheit, and yup the kiddos need to be bundled up from head to toe.

So this deal that Macy's rolled out is right on time. In addition to the other great things that are on sale like women boots, and Men citizen watches, the kids puffer jackets and coat sets were on sale for $24.99 now has dropped in price to $15.99, which is an amazing deal! These jackets are originally $75-$85! Click here to go to the deal.

If your little one is constantly growing fast try getting a size larger then what they are currently wearing, that way you can fit more layers under it and you could possible keep the coat for 2 winter seasons. Which will hopefully save you money next year! I Hope this helps.

I'll be picking up my little guys coat later, I'll post a picture on my instagram page. You can share what you picked up, with me on there. Also tell me what the weather like where you are.

Remember to be kind always, catch ya on the next deal.


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