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If you haven't ran to your local CVS, you should! New inventory ringing 75% off ?!

Yesterday September 5, 2019 this beautiful frenzy was discovered. All the new Christmas inventory at CVS items like huge 90 x 90 blankets, slippers, robes, even toys are being found ringing up 75% off. How...

Picture credit @noysd_couponers on instagram

we don't quite know, but we love a savings and 75% or better, we definitely run for that. To find the items I would suggest filling your cart and heading to the red box that's found inside the store. It's used to print store coupons but the box is also conveniently a price checker. My motto is scan, scan, scan, everything okkkurr!

Seriously I would scan everything that gives me "Christmas gift" vibes.

Please be mindful if something doesn't scan for 75% off be courteous and place it back in it's respective place. We are clearance hunters and we also are polite and show the store associates love & respect.

I would recommend you head over to your local store as soon as possible because this deal could end at any moment! This is a great time to get all those secret Santa gifts, for 3x cheaper then what it would!

Remember this is considered a run deal, and it can literally be over at any moment, so hurry! If you score be sure to share pictures with me on my instagram @mommalikes2save.

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