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Need a PS4, XBOX, or Nintendo switch? The best deal I've seen, will take place on Black Friday!

This maybe the best deals out. It seems as though PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo switch has been the hardest items to find a great deal on. But after searching though many sales ads, the store that is currently winning my vote to shop these specific consoles on Black Friday is Koh'ls.

Although all of the prices from store to store appear to be the same ($199 for a xbox or Ps4, $299 for Nintendo switch) Kohl's is also giving back Kohl's Cash. Kohl's cash is like store credit that you can use to purchase other gifts or items. So if you buy a ps4 or xbox at Kohl's on Black Friday priced at $199 they will give you $60 in Kohl's cash back, making your net value $139. The same goes with the Nintendo switch bundle, advertised as $319 with $90 in Kohl's cash back, net value $229. Which is pretty darn good!

I also found an amazing deal on the Nintendo switch, if you don't really care for the Black Friday hype. You can create a bundle of the switch console plus the Minecraft game for $298! Which is active and available right now actually. Click here to see the deal.

I'll post updates of better deals as I find them. If you are going to go do this deal or if you see a better deal, let me know over on instagram.

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