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What's the Dot Trick? And how people are using it to get multiple emails to the same inbox?!

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Email addresses are essential for signing up for services, receiving important updates, and managing accounts. But some people are using the dot trick in Gmail to save money?

What is the Dot Trick?

The dot trick is a clever way to manipulate your Gmail address without creating a new account. Gmail ignores periods (dots) in email addresses. For example, if your email is, Gmail will treat and as the same address. This means you can create multiple variations of your email to manage subscriptions and track where your emails are coming from.

How to Use the Dot Trick to Save Money

  1. Sign Up for Multiple Accounts: Many services offer discounts or promotions for new users. By using different variations of your Gmail address, you can sign up multiple times and take advantage of these deals. For instance, you can use for one account and for another. They will still all route to the same inbox, but register as different accounts.

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