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When is Tax Free week in the U.S 2023

Tax-Free Week, also known as a sales tax holiday, is a period of time during which certain items are exempted from sales tax by state governments in the United States. This temporary tax exemption is usually implemented to coincide with back-to-school shopping, but it can also cover other types of purchases.

During Tax-Free Week, shoppers can buy eligible items without paying the standard state sales tax, which can result in significant savings. Eligible items often include school supplies, clothing, footwear, electronics, and sometimes even larger purchases like energy-efficient appliances. The specifics of what items are exempted and the duration of the tax-free period vary from state to state. Here's the dates for 2023 Tax free week.

Iowa - August 4–5,

Maryland - August 13–19

Mississippi - July 28–29,

Missouri - August 4–6

Nevada - Oct. 27–29

New Jersey - Aug. 26–Sep. 4

New Mexico - August 4–6

Ohio - August 4–6

Oklahoma - August 4–6

South Carolina - August 4–6

Tennessee - July 28–30

Texas - August 11–13,

West Virginia - Aug. 4–7,

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